Monday, February 27, 2012

Glam-Book: Do you have one?

So for a few days I have been thinking about what I should next or the topics I should be covering in my posts. I eventually realized that I started this blog as an extension of me - wanting to share my love for all things glamour while learning from others by reading their blogs/vlogs and learning about their thoughts/ideas/expressions of hair, fashion, makeup, and everything else. All that aside I figured, I need not think too much about what to post, just share me! So the first thing I thought was let me share my Glam-Book - PURE INSPIRATION.
I'm pretty sure that every girl out there has some form of a Glam-Book and if you don't then please start one NOW! My Glam-Book (which I'm sure may go by a different name for anyone that has one) contains pictures of outfits, makeup looks, hair styles, wedding-planning ideas (as if I'm getting married soon - s.m.h.) decoration ideas, Vendors (hair companies, accessories dealers, online boutiques), and everything else that inspires me. I get happy and excited looking at the pictures featured!!! Here's a snapshot of my Glam-Book that I update using Microsoft Office's OneNote:

Do any of you have a similar Or different version of your own Glam-Book?

Bold Kisses,

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