Monday, April 30, 2012

Hair Update...

Hey loves,

I posted a video update on my hair install a few days ago on my youtube channel. Check the video out below:

I will repeat this again, I do not support New Jolly Hair Products. Of the three, the Quindao Premier Wigs hair is the best in my opinion; good quality, full bundles and true to length. The Guangzhou Truly Industry Hair is actually beautiful really good quality hair; however I would not purchase again from them because their bundles are thin (especially towards the ends), they are not true to length  (in fact 2 or more inches off), and the wefts are horrendous.

Bold Kisses,

Monday, April 23, 2012

Very Casual OOTN

Hey loves,

Here is a quick outfit of the night I wore to the movies this weekend. If you haven't seen Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man already, you really really should. Not only was it unbelievably funny, but it actually placed the characters in thought provoking situations and circumstances. I loved it! Pics of the outfit below:

Cami - DOTs
Button Up - Macy's
Jeggings- Fashion Bug
Sanals - Torrid
Studs - Beauty Supply
Cuff-Link Earrings - Ebay
Bracelet - Asos

Check out my outfit in motion here: CLICK ME

Bold Kisses,

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Hey there!

I have been loving this beaded bracelet trend that EVERYONE has been rocking lately. I have always loved beaded bracelets but several stacked together in bright and vibrant colors with beautiful gold and silver pendants hanging off of them, I can't help myself! I will most certainly be stacking bracelets like this for spring/summer. It looks like ART!

ART I tell you, ART! The Honesty Jewelry bracelets are my favorite, honestly lol. Click the links below the photos to check out more from the collections and to find out prices. Now, I will say this whole stacking thing may get really pricey, the Simmons DEF Malachite bracelet retails for about $125 but is on sale for $84. A single Honesty bracelet retails for $67. The Lola James Razzle Dazzle bracelets are more price conscious retailing for $15 a piece. I feel a DIY project coming up soon...


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Girl Crush: Tika Sumpter

"...had to let you know that I got a crush on you.."
- the one and only Lil' Kim

Todays Girl Crush is a must that I feature actress Tika Sumpter. Whether you know her from her role on One Life to Live or her guest starring spots on The Game and Gossip Girl, you must admit the girl has style! Tika is definitely making her mark on the red carpet and everywhere else. I love her because you can easily see that she doesn't just dress according to trends but is bold with color and design, fierce in wardrobe and cosmetic choices and takes risks...the girl does her thing! As a beautiful deep-chocolate sister setting an example for the many women who look like her but are not as often represented in the media, she's stunting on these others chicks and showing them how. I admire her! See for yourself below:

Look familiar lol?

Makeup & Style game on point

Everything is Fab! Hair, Face, Dress, Shoes/Purse (perfect pop of pink)

Last 3: All Dressy-Casual Chic Done to Perfection!

I love this girl! How bout you?


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring & Summer Essentials: Lace ME UP!!

Hey Lovies,

I know, I'm a bit late with this - I did plan on posting this yesterday.

Lace, lace, I love lace! Here is my first lace post of spring. I actually wore this outfit a week ago catching up with the high school/college besties. I am also entering this outfit for YouTube Beauty Guru, Passion Jonesz, and Diva Hair Couture's Spring Contest. I didn't have the time to record a video then so I taped this for you all last night! Hope you enjoy!


****Photos are compliments of my BEAUTIFUL linesister Dami [3rd pic on the left] 
Also, if you're ever in Boston, check out Peach Farm Restaurant in Chintown. The food is EXQUISITE!!!

Shout out to Yetty B my sister/producer/camera-woman lol:



Lace Top: Wet Seal
Black Tank: Target
Chambray Top: Macy's 
Leather Jacket: Dress Barn 
Jeans: Fashion Bug
Ankle Booties: Nordstrom 
Ring: Dots
Hoop Earrings: online (don't remember :() 

Here's the link for the vid ;) - Passion Jonesz & Diva Hair Couture Spring Contest  
Makes sure to thumbs up if you like! 

Bold Hugs & Kisses,


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Forgot to mention the outfit was inspired by Tika Sumpter (we'll talk more about her soon)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring & Summer Essentials: Lace

It's not just to spice up the look of your undergarments! Lace, the fabric of the bold! 

 Hey Loves,

This season and into summer, spice up your life with a little bit of lace. The great thing about it is you can wear it in moderation or in excess if you'd like. Buy a dress with lace detail, wear lacewith a solid layer underneath, wear a garment with lace-trim...lace up your outfits however much you want lol. Here are a few lace pieces that I've been scoping out on my never-ending cyber-window shopping journeys. Click for the links below.


       Lace Tunic Dresses
       Simply Be 

     Image 1 of ASOS CURVE Exclusive Body With Lace Back

       Asos Curve Body With Lace Back 

 Charter Club Plus Size Skirt, Lace Pencil

      Charter Club Lace Pencil Skirt 

Arsenic and Lace Chiffon Button Blouse Thumbnail

      Arsenic & Lace Chiffon Button Blouse
      Fashion to Figure

Is it just me or did Simply Be step up their clothing game times 100?? I'll be browsing there a lot more often than I usually do.

*I'll have a super HOTTT OOTD featuring this spring/summer essential tomorrow.*

Stay Bold & Stay Beautiful,

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring OOTD feat Tribal Print Skirt

Hey Loves,

Here's an OOTD from a short while back when I thought spring was really here lol. It's really simple because the focus is a tribal print skirt which is very much the rage this season. I know a lot of plus sized woman try to stay away from skirts, especially ones that flare out or are pleated like the one featured in my OOTD, but the truth is you can wear whatever you want. The trick is to make sure that what you wear suits your body. When I first bought the skirt, I thought it was unflattering but I later realized that placed on my upper waist it kind of gave of an hour-glass effect and even more so with the skinny belt that I added. So remember, wear what you want and play it up according to you and your one else's. Hope you like:

Oh my... my face in this one!

Tunic - Marshall's
Tan Skinny Belt - Asos
Tribal Print Skirt - Macy's
Wedges - Payless
Leather/Chain Bracelet - Asos
Cuff - Gift

Here's the outfit live:

Bold Kisses,

Spring! My Dear Spring, Please Come Back!

Hey Ladies,

I don't know what is going on with this weather! I live in the Northeast and have spent my entire life withstanding frigid winters and beautiful fall, summer and spring seasons. However, last winter never really came - it was more like a long fall. Spring seemed to arrive early but it only lasted for a short while and 'fall' came back. Please Spring...with your nice warm and breezy weather please come back. Please Spring...Come Back!! Only when you come back can I wear beautiful bold outfits like the one below:

Image 1 of ASOS Slot Through Portfolio Clutch

                  Click links below for more info:

Oh the inspiration!!!!!!