Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Don't Throw it away! Don't do it!

For all of my ladies who are avid weave fans/supporters/obsessors like myself, today is your day! Check out my three part video series on how to 'Revive & Reuse That Weave'. The great thing is that these tricks work on any type pf hair: beauty supply (human or synthetic) and remy hair. The videos are lengthy but worth the watch. Enjoy!!!!

Part 1: Bleach Bath

Part 2: Deep Condition

Part 3: Blow Dry & Seal

If you have ANY questions. You know what to do ;)


Monday, March 26, 2012

OOTD: Kinda Wack Tho :(

I really didn't want to post this outfit because I thought it was super wack and nothing special or even worth noticing. Plus the lighting was off so my face looks crazy and ashy. But I figured I took the pics so why not post them right? Right? Nonetheless, check out my casual dinner outfit below:

Cardigan - Macy's
Top - Lane Bryant
Grey-wash Jeans - Fashion Bug
Black Flats - Target
Beaded Bracelet's - Dots
Large Clip on Earrings - Ebay

I have lots more in store for yall. Good Stuff, Promise lol.

Bold Kisses,

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Nails Be Strong Update

Ummm...I promise I didn't forget about updating you all about the progress of growing out my nails! Honestly my nails started to grow back after I started using the Jordana Nails Be Strong Strengthenerbut then I started to get a little lazy and stopped applying it everyday. I applied it more like once a week, or when I remembered. That was a No No! My nails became soft and weak and chipped off like it was nothing. So about 4-5 weeks ago, I started using it again and this time I've been more faithful and it paid off, here are the results (sorry, they're not polished):

 Right Hand

Left Hand

My Nail Tek Results

As you can see, my nails are ALMOST (not quite yet) as dope as they were in my original Nail Tek Post. So overall, The Jordana Nail Strengthener does work but it is NOT as potent as Nail Tek. With Nail Tek I could afford to not apply a coat as regularly but with the Jordana product you must apply at least every other day if not everyday - otherwise, your nails will revert back to their formerly 'tender' state.

So is Jordana Nails Be Strong Strengthener a good idea to purchase? Yes, if you are disciplined and have a great memory to apply regularly. For $1.50, it's def worth it. But if you are forgetful  and a bit lazy like me, you may want to check out Nail Tek II: Intensive Therapy. For circa $10-$12, it works miracles!!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

It All Belongs To Me

I'm probably one of the last few people who finally took the time out to watch the new Brandy & Monica collaboration, It All Belongs To Me. I think the song is simple, nice and enjoyable but for some reason it doesn't incite those same hype, youthful feelings I had years ago when they released their first duet, The Boy Is Mine. 

However, after watching the video I said..."[*que my fake Nigerian accent*] WHOA MY GOODNESS!" the fashion and style ever-present throughout. I think that the two women have each reach a new height in their style game with this one! Does anyone know who was their stylist on the set of the video? Every scene was fashion inspiration: they did no wrong!


Check out the video below:


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Virgin & Hair??

Hey lovies,

Ahhh! I have to remember to be more frequent with posts.

Anywho, this post is strictly about hair. As I said in one of my posts awhile back - I LOVE hair. In fact, I am a hair junkie. Straight up, for real though, hair may be my most valued accessory. Therefore, I want the best and baddest (in a good way of course) hair extensions I can get my hands on - within my price range that is. For those of you who are not as learned on hair weaves/extensions, the cream of the crop has transformed over the years from 100% human hair to remy hair, all the way to virgin remy hair stripped from the hair of maidens in Euraisa.

Now if you're on a budget like me, and still want to have top billing hair, I introduce you to & The two sister companies are a cross between ebay and amazon for hair. Search for whatever your heart desires: Peruvian Hair, Brazilian Hair, Indian Hair and hundreds if not thousands of different hair companies show up with  prices much lower than those offered by hair companies based in America. Now don't be fooled by the nationalities proceeding the word hair; they are just adjectives describing the texture (coarse, fine, silky, etc) and luster (shine or 'shininess') of the hair. Most of these companies are based in China and I am 200% positive (maury show style) that all the hair on both sites are from Chinese women. Below is a review I did on youtube of the last hair company I purchased from: New Jolly Hair Products: Virgin Remy Peruvian Body Wave. New Jolly has both an Alibaba and Aliexpress page. Now, I was not as impressed with the hair as I have been in the past with other hair companies I found on alibaba/aliexpress. However, I did get my money's worth as I wore the hair for over three months and reused some of it for my current install. I'll talk more about that soon!

 Check out my review below:

Want a more thorough/descriptive post on the world of weave/extensions? Comment below.

Bold Kisses,

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Look What Finally Decided to Cooperate

They say better late than never. Here is the OOTD video that would not before upload onto YouTube.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Girl Crush: Carmen Carrera

Hey yall!

Today's girl crush is Christopher Roman, better known as Carmen Carrera from the third season of Ru Paul's Drag Race. I saw a picture of her on Facebook and had no idea she was in drag - when I found out, it made me love her more! Whether in or out of drag she is a beautiful person inside and out; but of course I love love love her in full fledged drag with a face beat to the high heavens! Check out pics of my new girl crush below:

Isn't she gorgeous?


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bold Lips: Get the KA'OIR Look

A new trend that is making its way around is super bold lips in colors you couldn't imagine - yellows, greens, blues - and I love it! Though I probably would not choose to wear these colors on a daily basis and incorporate them into my regimen or regular collection, I appreciate the creativity and boldness of the makers of these colors and the women who are wearing them like it's nobody's business. I swear, it's like color-blocking  for your face lol!

The first line I saw featuring said colors was KA'OIR by model/stylist Keyshia Dior. You may remember her as a featured model in several Hip Hop videos and magazines. Her cosmetics line is amazing! Especially the lipsticks  - however, they sell for a pretty penny. Check out some of the colors below:

Pool Party by KaoirPool Party Lips Image
Pool Party - $18.99

Banana Milkshake by KaoirBanana Milkshake Lips Image

Banana Milkshake - $14.99

NEON Rockstar Lips ImageNEON Rockstarr by Kaoir

Neon Rockstarr by Trina Rockstarr - $21.99
*Limited Edition

Glitz by KaoirGlitz Lips Image

Glitz - $17.99

Check out the rest of the line on their website:

Ahhhh! I love love love the pizzazz the entire line radiates. However, I do believe that the more eccentric colors are rather trendy and will not be "on the in" for too long. Now, the other colors, I may just have to invest. For those of you who like the look but aren't ready to drop the cash for these colors, I wanted to show you a way to get the look without having to dish out nearly $20. Check out my video below:

This technique can get you the look of any lip color you can imagine as long as you have the eyeshadow to match. That's another reason why it's great to pick up one those eyeshadow collections I mentioned during my Holiday Post; they're really a steal and the things you can do with that many colors are endless. With the right pigment (Sally Girl Sparkle Effects in Gold Digger), you can even get the look of Ka'oir's Glitz for $1.

I love it, the boldness of it all, just love it! Now whether I'd be bold enough to wear this out of the house is another question!

How about you?

Friday, March 2, 2012

Glam-Book Inspiration

Hey Everyone,

I posted about my Glam-book a few days ago and I hope that it has inspired you all to perhaps start your own or to compare and contrast your setup to mine. I wanted to share some pictures I recently added to my Glam-Book:

HAIR (Hair by Hadiya)

FASHION (Jennifer Hudson)

EVERYTHING (Toya Carter)

These photos brought me life!!! I hope they can inspire you too!

Happy Glam-book Creating and Updating,

Thursday, March 1, 2012

D.I.Y.with Spikes and Studs

One trend that has been making the rounds with great fashion houses such as Balmain is the studded jacket movement inspired by military garb. Checkout a few celebrities wearing this trend belox:

Alicia Keys (Balmain)

Miley Cyrus (Balmain)

Kim Kardashian & Monica (Burberry)

You can easily get the look for less with a simple D.I.Y. project. Check out this video by the YouTube famous beatycrush:

I definitely plan on taking on a similar project! So easy, so simple, so fashionable!