Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Virgin & Hair??

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Anywho, this post is strictly about hair. As I said in one of my posts awhile back - I LOVE hair. In fact, I am a hair junkie. Straight up, for real though, hair may be my most valued accessory. Therefore, I want the best and baddest (in a good way of course) hair extensions I can get my hands on - within my price range that is. For those of you who are not as learned on hair weaves/extensions, the cream of the crop has transformed over the years from 100% human hair to remy hair, all the way to virgin remy hair stripped from the hair of maidens in Euraisa.

Now if you're on a budget like me, and still want to have top billing hair, I introduce you to aliexpress.com & alibaba.com. The two sister companies are a cross between ebay and amazon for hair. Search for whatever your heart desires: Peruvian Hair, Brazilian Hair, Indian Hair and hundreds if not thousands of different hair companies show up with  prices much lower than those offered by hair companies based in America. Now don't be fooled by the nationalities proceeding the word hair; they are just adjectives describing the texture (coarse, fine, silky, etc) and luster (shine or 'shininess') of the hair. Most of these companies are based in China and I am 200% positive (maury show style) that all the hair on both sites are from Chinese women. Below is a review I did on youtube of the last hair company I purchased from: New Jolly Hair Products: Virgin Remy Peruvian Body Wave. New Jolly has both an Alibaba and Aliexpress page. Now, I was not as impressed with the hair as I have been in the past with other hair companies I found on alibaba/aliexpress. However, I did get my money's worth as I wore the hair for over three months and reused some of it for my current install. I'll talk more about that soon!

 Check out my review below:

Want a more thorough/descriptive post on the world of weave/extensions? Comment below.

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