Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bold Lips: Get the KA'OIR Look

A new trend that is making its way around is super bold lips in colors you couldn't imagine - yellows, greens, blues - and I love it! Though I probably would not choose to wear these colors on a daily basis and incorporate them into my regimen or regular collection, I appreciate the creativity and boldness of the makers of these colors and the women who are wearing them like it's nobody's business. I swear, it's like color-blocking  for your face lol!

The first line I saw featuring said colors was KA'OIR by model/stylist Keyshia Dior. You may remember her as a featured model in several Hip Hop videos and magazines. Her cosmetics line is amazing! Especially the lipsticks  - however, they sell for a pretty penny. Check out some of the colors below:

Pool Party by KaoirPool Party Lips Image
Pool Party - $18.99

Banana Milkshake by KaoirBanana Milkshake Lips Image

Banana Milkshake - $14.99

NEON Rockstar Lips ImageNEON Rockstarr by Kaoir

Neon Rockstarr by Trina Rockstarr - $21.99
*Limited Edition

Glitz by KaoirGlitz Lips Image

Glitz - $17.99

Check out the rest of the line on their website:

Ahhhh! I love love love the pizzazz the entire line radiates. However, I do believe that the more eccentric colors are rather trendy and will not be "on the in" for too long. Now, the other colors, I may just have to invest. For those of you who like the look but aren't ready to drop the cash for these colors, I wanted to show you a way to get the look without having to dish out nearly $20. Check out my video below:

This technique can get you the look of any lip color you can imagine as long as you have the eyeshadow to match. That's another reason why it's great to pick up one those eyeshadow collections I mentioned during my Holiday Post; they're really a steal and the things you can do with that many colors are endless. With the right pigment (Sally Girl Sparkle Effects in Gold Digger), you can even get the look of Ka'oir's Glitz for $1.

I love it, the boldness of it all, just love it! Now whether I'd be bold enough to wear this out of the house is another question!

How about you?

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