Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"I Knew It, I Knowed It!"

I don't know where I heard the title of this post (Madea Maybe??) but it definitely applies to how I feel about this Clevver Style interview with Keke Palmer and her stylist. As you all know from a previous girl crush post, I love Keke. She is young, multi-talented, beautiful, driven and has a style all her own that is to be reckoned with. As the great BeyoncĂ© once said: "...[she] may be young, but [she's] ready...", as you will see from the video below. Keke knows what she wants in terms of making a statement with what she chooses to wear. Her stylist, Melis Kuris, who has been working with her since her tween years, has continued to help grow and expand her image from Nickelodeon fave to young hottie. The two make for a dynamic duo.

Honestly, I also just love to hear the story behind the scenes - minus all the glamour, flashing lights, red carpets and possible photoshopping. They also spoke briefly about the importance of comfort and compatibility in reference to wardrobe, makeup, and hair styling.  It may be a good watch for those of you who may be looking into the wonderful world of styling...

Enough of the for you self below!



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