Friday, August 3, 2012

Shhh! : Let's keep this between me and you...

Shhh! Between me and you, I don't shave nor do I wax any longer. No, no, I'm not some super-womanist with central ideas emanating that females need not primp and polish themselves for the sake of fulfilling some unwritten rule forced upon them by the powers that be of this world. (Not that their is anything wrong with any women who believe and stand by this notion). However, I use magic to get rid of any and all unwanted hair that grows on my body. Magic Cream Shave that is! I have known about this stuff forever because this is what my dad has always and still uses to get rid of his facial hair. I always thought the smell was super repulsive and of course the fact that it is marketed for men made it even more off limits for me. Until, about two years ago when I wanted to give delapitory creams a try because shaving just isn't for me. I tried the Nair cream and that simply did NOTHING. One day I happened to come upon the familiar smell of Magic while my dad was "shaving" and realized that is smelled exactly like the Nair I found useless. I figured that if it smells similar than it must contain similar ingredients perhaps with the Magic Cream Shave having a higher potency (which is true). So I did it; I applied the cream following the directions on the tube and fell in love! The smell may be horrendous but it's acceptable and the results are AMAZING. In my opinion, the results are better than shaving, and painless (literally) in relation to waxing and threading. Take a look at the Magic product line below:

I use the regular one pictured in the center. All three creams contain Shea Butter, leaving my skin feeling pretty soft and supple once I'm done. Remember (especially if you have sensitive skin) to test a small patch of hair first before exposing it to large surface areas. I love this stuff and hope this helps even one person who is thinking about trying a new technique in the art of hair removal.


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