Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A New Outlook...

To slit, or not to slit...

For a long time I really believed that long, thigh-high slits in dresses and skirts are not worth the risk. I always get this image of it being done no justice - looking a little too exposed, at times cheap and unfashionable. HOWEVER, I have been inspired as of late by beautiful double slit designs that have been styled in uber chic manners. Here are a few photos that I've noted in my glam-book:


 Urban Outfitters Ecote Double Slit Maxi Skirt ($69 | up to size 12 but there's a lot of stretch)

 No one can seem to figure out who Teyana Taylor's dress is by but get a similar look with this Naomi Naderge Summer Ends Double Split Maxi ($98 | up to size XXL)
 I have no idea who designed this but it's EVERYTHING! 
Maggy London Iridescent Jersey Maxi Dress ($74 | Now Sold Out at Nordstrum :S ) 
 I'm sure it can still be tracked down online however; it's perfect for a simple, demure display of the double slit trend.

MY, MY, MY...I rescind my ill thoughts against the double slit in my earlier life. I am now in love. What do you think?



  1. They look good on tall people. I don't they look good on shorter women! But Teyana is killing it the most!!!

    1. Yes, Teyana is killing it right now! I'm lowkey obsessed with her on instagram. But you're totally right, this may be a bit difficult to pull off on shorter woman.