Saturday, November 3, 2012

Underneath it All

Hey guys,

If there's one thing you may know if you keep in touch with this blog of mine, it's that I love hair! I'm an extensions fanatic but the most important thing is my actual hair. My main goal in my hair care regimen is retaining/maintaining the health of my hair. Let's chat about it.

For a little bit background: I last relaxed my hair in May of 2010. I tried to transition from relaxed to natural for about 6 months but I was unfortunately not about that life lol. I just love the look and delivery of weave way too much. Everyone's hair is different. Depending on the luster, texture, curl pattern, and other factors, the appearance of everyone's natural hair when wet, pressed, blow dried, twisted, Bantu knotted or whatever will be different. When I first decided to go natural, I remember thinking my hair would grow more quickly and healthily into this gorgeous natural curl pattern. However, maintaining natural hair is a task I am not ready to undertake. Because of my natural texture, simply parting my hair was a task; combing it was a different story and forget about that lush curl pattern I imagined would appear. Now why I thought my roots from Africa would produce cuticles from Brazil is something else. So to help loosen my curl pattern and soften the coarseness of my hair I started texturizing...and that's where I'm at right now. The brand I currently  use is Botanicals: Soft and Beautiful Texturizer (coarse). I will be testing out a different brand in the near future however. I apply it to my hair every 3-4 months as I def don't want to over process my locks. Texturizing helps to blend my leave out with my extensions MUCH better and most importantly allows me to manage my hair it a manner more suitable for my skill and patience level.

Below is detailed video in which I explain the products I use to manage/maintain both my real hair and my extensions. Hope you enjoy:


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