Wednesday, November 30, 2011

BOLD Color Trends

Hey all!

So I don't have to tell you that a BOLD BLAST of color has taken the fashion, cosmetics, hair....well all things in the world of glamour by storm ! I don't think I have mentioned this before, but I am a hair fanatic. I might love hair more than both makeup and fashion! It's true...Enough of this tangent. Whether it be BOLD orange or berry lips or color-blocking, adding a pop of bright and beautiful color really allows for an individual to stand out. One color trend that was quite apparent during the Summer and early Fall (still actually) was Ombre hair. Ombre Hair basically means the hair gradually transitions from dark to light. Check out a few of the examples below:

Drew Barrymore 


Lauren Conrad & Ciara 

At first I thought it was a bit much! It's pretty but perhaps not for me. I wanted to try something drastically different from my usually soft black hair color but nothing too crazy. Color can be tricky especially when pertaining to people of darker complexions - or so I thought until one day I decided that I should no longer be a punk about the situation. So I decided to make my interpretation of the Ombre hair trend - with extensions that is (I could not and would not dare to bleach my own hair!!) I added both dark brown and hair extensions that had been previously bleached at the ends to a to a light brown/auburn color. The darker longer extensions on the bottom were added to make sure that the lighter color wouldn't overpower my face. Here are some pics!

Overall, I actually liked how it looked. It was a definite change and looked relatively good - or at least I think it did. What do you think about Ombre or hair color change in general? Would you try it? Have you? Hit me back with some comments below!

Bold Kisses,

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