Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Scents to Live For!

Despite my assertion to be in love with all things that have to do with beauty and glamour, I am not the biggest enthusiast when it comes to fragrances. I had heard and read a lot of rave reviews about two particular scents by Chloé - Chloé Eau de Parfum and Love, Chloé – but paid no particular attention to them or had any intentions of buying them. However, on one of my runs to Sephora, I randomly tested both scents and FELL IN LOVE. Both fragrances are what I would interpret a woman should smell like. Though I love the younger, heavier and subtly more sweet scent of Love, Chloé, the original eau de parfum has a distinctly light,  mature yet sweet, woodsy yet flowery scent that is one of, if not the most beautiful scent I have ever experienced. If you’re not ready to spend at least $60 a piece for the smallest 1oz bottle of each scent, take advantage of the “Chloé & Love, Chloé Minature Duo” set available at Sephora for just $12. The set comes with two 0.17 oz miniature bottles similar in appearance to their respective 1oz, 1oz, 1.7oz, and 2.5oz bottles. I usually am not the one to recommend fragrances but I highly recommend these!

Chloé & Love, Chloé Minature Duo
Chloé & Love, Chloé Minature Duo

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